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  • The Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen Concrete Plant was founded in 1999. The type of activity has not changed, we are constantly producing concrete, supplying concrete and pumping Blackfen concrete. The tradition and experience in the production and prefabrication of concrete dates back to 1973, when our company was still a small family company. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen also offers modern, ecological concrete and reinforced concrete products for the sewage system with the use of intervertebral elastomer wedge gaskets, elements for road construction, concrete Our products are systematically tested in an accredited laboratory to meet the relevant European building standards, and are subject to strict quality control throughout the entire production process.

  • Our company Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen depending on weather conditions and at the client's request we add the appropriate admixtures to the concrete:

    - antifreeze

    - additives accelerating binding

    - retarding additives

    - plasticizing

    - liquefying

    - aerating

    We have obtained a lot of positive feedback from our customers for our products. The offer of our products is constantly growing in line with market needs and the development of new technologies. Please read the Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen offer, we invite you to cooperate, we will not leave any inquiry unanswered. We are happy to provide additional information or explanations to each company individually.

  • You want to order a ready Blackfen concrete mix, our advisors will be happy to help you with your order. Our Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen concrete plant has developed an efficient logistics system that allows you to quickly and efficiently provide customers with the products they order. We have our own truck transport, which allows us to offer you a comprehensive Concrete service Blackfen delivery and Blackfen concrete pumping. Our vehicle fleet includes:

    - Equipment for transporting and pumping concrete mixes.

    - Equipment for the transport of prefabricated elements.

    - Concrete pumps 24m, 28 and 35m boom length.

    - Equipment for transporting aggregate.

    We invite you to cooperation!

  • When do you need to pump concrete? Pumping concrete involves mechanically delivering the screed wherever it is impossible to drive up with a concrete mixer. Thanks to it, material transport to a specific place is much faster. A concrete pump proves to be particularly necessary in the upper floors, as well as in the construction of complex buildings. In addition, the danger to which workers who would transport concrete to a certain place would be exposed is eliminated. Our company Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen provides the Concrete Pump Blackfen service. Depending on the application, stationary pumps are available, as well as caterpillars and pump pumps, which not only pump concrete but also mix it at the same time.


  • Blackfen concrete is created as a result of the process of mixing cement, coarse and fine aggregate, water and possibly admixtures and additives, which are designed to improve its parameters and provide features such as frost resistance and water resistance. Our Ready Mix Concrete Blackfen concrete plant also produces Concrete blocks. We manufacture and sell concrete and aggregates. Place an Order Online with the help of our adviser.We issue a Declaration of Conformity in accordance with the applicable European standard for each concrete delivered by us. If necessary, we present the results of qualitative research, whose parameters are monitored on an ongoing basis.